1 Year -

Hailey's 1st birthday is today. My little baby has grown so quickly. I realize this is just the start of a long and exciting journey, however, over these past 12 months I have been amazed by the progress Hailey has made. The little helpless infant we took home from the hospital 362 days ago is now a bright, fearless, curious little person. She laughs at her own jokes, she seems to try and make others smile, she kisses animals, she smells flowers, she loves to play and talk on the telephone. Others who have not had a child may not see the wonder in the progress that a baby makes in a year, but I now understand. Hailey knows many words (feet, nose, dog, bird, daddy, mommy, kiss, good bye, bottle and more). Hailey took her first steps at exactly 11 1/2 months and can now take 6 or 7 steps without much trouble and can stand easily without help. She grabs her feet and touches her nose when asked and waves good bye when someone leaves. She loves to make her starfish spin and push a button to play a recording that says "daddy loves Hailey, daddy loves Hailey". She plays when we drive by handing me her toys and is developing routines for most of the things we consistently do. She is eating most baby food, bananas, cheerios and biter biscuits. Hailey still likes her pacifier when she gets tired and often falls asleep after drinking a bottle. She usually sleeps from 8:00 to 6:00, however, she often wakes at least one time. Hailey has been taking longer naps, typically 2 a day. She now has 6 teeth, 4 of them on top. Hailey still has very little blond hair and light features. My little baby is awesome. I am extremely fortunate to be her dad. (pictures)


    11th Month -

Hailey is 11 months old today. I am now one of those parents who want to tell everyone how awesome their children are, who go on endlessly about every little new achievement, that insists on gushing about how much their little one has changed his life. Hailey is incredible, she is very happy, very attentive, very aware of her surroundings. She has an "all knowing" chuckle she makes whenever she realizes she is in on a joke. She is affectionate, she is friendly, she is curious and her smile continues to light up every room she enters. Life can be difficult, however, no matter how bad things can be 5 minutes with Hailey will brighten anyone's spirits. Hailey can clap and stand on her own. She has taken a small step or two but we cannot yet classify it as walking. She seems to say Da Da and dog, she like to watch birds fly in the sky, she loves to play "I'm gonna get you". I love her more than I ever imagined, always miss her when she is not around and look forward to spending time with her. I am a very lucky Da Da. (pictures)


    10th Month -

Today is Hailey's 10 month birthday. Without question Hailey has had a profound impact in my life. I now am a father to a little girl whose smile fills my heart, whose laugh brightens my days and whose happiness and well being are my most important concerns. Hailey is starting to learn that she can make people smile and laugh. I absolutely believe that she expects to get a reaction when she shakes her head back and forth as if to say no. The more I try to get her to say yes, the harder she shakes it no. FUNNY GIRL!!! She also is so cute when she "waves" her hands (actually holding her hands up and opening and closing it). The "Frankenstien" face that she consistently expresses when frustrated is also a favorite of all who see it. As she adds consistent expressions to her repertoire I can see her personality continue to grow. Hailey is close to walking on her own, she can stand for a very short time without any support and can stand by herself when holding on to a leg or furniture. Hailey still loves to sit on my shoulders and will now crawl onto our backs to get piggy back rides. She is an awesome little girl. We went to the beach last week, Hailey liked crawling in the dry sand and giggled while walking in the wet, cool sand. Hailey still has little hair and gray/blue eyes. She appears to be tall for her age and is also very lean. She is sleeping more consistently and eating much more. Her laugh still comes very easily, her smile is never far away and her mood is usually very happy. She has 2 bottom teeth and is starting to get 2 top teeth. (pictures)


    9th Month -

Hailey is now 9 months old, it seems like only yesterday that we were nervously waiting at the hospital for Hailey to arrive. That first night after Hailey was born is remembered almost like it was last week. Our lives have changed the past few weeks, however, my desire to always be the best father I can be for Hailey will never change. Hailey now has 2 teeth, the front bottom two. She is eating more solid food and starting to sleep most of the night, from about 8:00 pm until 7:00 am, often waking only once. Hailey will now grit her teeth when she gets frustrated, Shaani calls it her Frankenstien face. She is getting close to walking and can quickly go all over the house when we hold her hands above her head and walk with her. Hailey can pull herself up to a standing position and will now aggressively reach out for us when she wants to be held. She is getting into more of a routine with meals and enjoys cereal, bananas, and many solid foods. And of course her bottle. Like all of us she will start to get cranky when she gets tired and will rub her eyes. Overall she is a very happy little girl and still has the most enchanting smile around. Her hair is still blond, very short and not visible from a distance. It is great to be a dad. (pictures)


    8th Month -

Hailey is growing up quickly. She reached a milestone this month when she recently began to crawl. She could scoot across the couch, or pull herself along, but now she can get on her hands and knees and MOVE. We know this is just a small first "step" toward what will soon be a very active little baby. Hailey is sleeping better at night, eating more solid foods and continues to interact more and more with the world around her. She still loves cruising our house in her walker and sitting on my shoulders and pulling my hair. We still play in front of the bathroom mirror every day and go outside and feel the wind blowing on our faces. Hailey loves to talk on the phone, read books, and has a favorite stuffed animal, a pink elephant we have named Ella. She also pays attention to our dog Clyde and will reach out to him whenever he is near and chase him around the house when she is in her walker. Hailey is a great little girl and I feel fortunate to be able to spend lots of time with her. Being Hailey's dad is a fantastic opportunity and experience in my life. I feel very fortunate. (pictures)


    7th Month -

Seven terrific months of life with Hailey. The parenting experience is opening my eyes to how smart babies are. Hailey is far from a baby now as every hour brings a set of new adventures to her growing world. Sometimes she plays with a favorite toy, often she will chase Clyde around the house in her walker, she continues to love sitting outside and watching the trees move and feeling the wind blow across her face. I still hold her in front of a mirror so we can say "Hi" to each other, and putting her on my shoulders continues to bring huge smiles. Hailey loves to roll off the couch so I can catch her, over and over. We now have a nighttime routine of rolling off the couch, drinking a bottle, holding her and singing for 5 minutes, then sleep quickly follows. Hailey continues to giggle and laugh often, smile very easily and always star in every life experience she is a part of. Her hair is light and very short, however, it is starting to come in thicker. Her eyes are blue, her features are beautiful and her laugh is contagious. We are very lucky to be Hailey's parents. (pictures)


    6th Month -

Our little girl is 6 months old today. Hailey continues to grow up amazingly fast, she is a little person now, noticing most things around her. Hailey interacts with everything she comes across, flowers, Pepsi cans, plastic after shave containers. She still likes to sit on my shoulders and get kisses from the "fish" in the bathroom. Every day we look into the mirror and hug each other hello, we walk in the backyard and watch the trees move in the wind and we we play "ooga chaka, ooga ooga". Hailey can now easily hold and pick up anything she wants, she loves to stand (with help balancing) and is getting closer and closer to sitting up by herself. She laughs easily ("stinky feet" gets her every time) and smiles often. Hailey can move where she wants in her walker and loves to jump up and down. Our little girl has a smile that cannot be ignored, Easter Brunch, dinner out, stores... anywhere and everywhere we go people stop us and comment how adorable Hailey is. (pictures)


    5th Month -

Having just passed her 5 month birthday, Hailey is an awesome little girl. Every day she seems to be noticing more of the world, she watches us eat and drink, she appears to be watching the wind blow through trees in the back yard, she smiles at Clyde and laughs every time we play in front of the mirror. This month she discovered her first toys; a rabbit with a carrot that pulls out and makes noise; a plastic rattle/teething ring that Grandpa Paul gave her for Christmas and her special pacifier we received at the hospital when she was born. Hailey laughs and smiles more every day and nothing is better than walking into a room and seeing Hailey's face LIGHT up as soon as she sees me. Hailey is sleeping from 8:00 to 4:30 every night, however, she continues to get up once or twice to eat. She naps seldom, perhaps 20 minutes 3 times a day. We are starting to establish routines. Life is great. Hailey is our little star. (pictures)


    4th Month -

Another great month with our little girl. Hailey is the cutest baby in the whole wide world, just ask her mom! Hailey smiles and laughs easily. She giggles when her mom kisses her neck or says the words "poopoo" or "Bugs Bunny". Blowing on her stomach and thighs or giving Hailey "Eskimo Kisses" always brings a big smile. Hailey likes sitting on my shoulders and will rub my hair in her face and laugh when I shake from side to side. Hailey has found her feet and her mouth and spends much of her free time grabbing her toes or putting anything (hair, fingers, cloths...) in her mouth. Hailey enjoys going for walks and still is fascinated with her mobile. She cries much less and her overall mood is much happier. Hailey smiles whenever she sees whichever one of us is not holding her and has a consistent little "hugh - hugh" chuckle whenever she sees me. If I don't pay attention to her she will let out a little scream, that grows longer over time if I do not indulge her wishes. She is somewhat aware of what is happening around her and has started to understand that there is a world and she can have an effect on it. Hailey is great little girl and we love her lots. (pictures)


    3rd Month -

The third month proved to be a very exciting and fun month. We feel that our little Hailey is no longer an infant, she quickly is turning into a little girl. She is crying much less and laughing much more. Hailey loves to talk and sing, especially with her mom. Of course her talking and singing sound much the same, but nonetheless she enjoys responding when we encourage her. Hailey loves watching the mobile over her changing table, she likes to watch cartoons on TV and she flashes a great big smile whenever Shaani or I come into the room. Hailey is sleeping more and consistently sleeps from 7:00 PM to 4:00 AM every night (waking up a couple of times for food). Naps often seem too short, maybe 20 minutes 3 times a day, but most importantly she seems to be getting into a routine. Hailey can almost roll over, she can almost lift her head when laying on her stomach and she loves to stretch her legs. She has the worlds greatest smile, her eyes are blue and her hair (the little she has) looks blond. A beautiful little daughter.... not sure if this is a good thing or not. We cannot imagine life without her. (pictures)


    2nd Month -

Hailey grows cuter every day. Her temperament is beginning to mellow and we are now able to spend time playing with her, making her laugh, listening to her sounds, being entertained with every action and reaction she gives us. Hailey loves taking baths, loves looking at the light above her changing table, and loves it when her mom blows on her feet and thighs. She appears to recognize when one of us comes back into a room by catching our eye and giving us a big, bright smile. She loves attention, whether at the store or at a friends house it seems the more people around the happier she becomes. Hailey sleeps little (at least less than we would like) and can pass gas with the best of us (ha ha). She still has little hair but it appears she will be a strawberry blond like her mommy. Every day we love her a little more, we learn a little more about her, and we are amazed a little more that we created such a beautiful and wonderful baby. (pictures)


    1st Month -

Hailey is a beautiful baby. Of course we as parents are quite biased, however, everyone who sees her tells us how cute she is... We know we are not the first parents to hear this, but Hailey is really very cute. I have been amazed at how quickly she vocalizes her desires (usually for food). Hailey does not wake up and gradually become upset. No, she opens her eyes and immediately screams at the top of her lungs. Additionally when she is finished eating she will close her mouth tight and often immediately falls asleep. Hailey has an enchanting smile and beautiful gray eyes. (pictures)


    Pregnancy - Our little princess seemed to have a mind of her own from the start. Early in the pregnancy we noticed that she only appeared to kick low in Shaani's stomach. As the months passed ultrasounds proved that Hailey was sitting with her head up and legs stretched across Shaani's stomach. The nurses administering the tests dubbed her our little princess. Doctors attempted to manually flip Hailey late in the pregnancy to no avail. She was comfortable sitting up and we were powerless to move her. We also noticed that Hailey was much more active at night.    


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