The pregnancy and birthing experience proved to be a life altering event. It also was an event we were fortunate to live through with the help of many others. Hailey's addition to the world has completely changed our lives forever simply with the new joy and challenges that parenting will bring. This experience has also been a tremendous example for us of how generous so many people are... generous listeners, generous teachers and generous givers.

We know the experience of making it through the pregnancy and birth will help us empathize with others expecting a baby. We now have sympathy for women who complain of morning sickness and lack of energy. We can understand the fears expecting friends may have preceding their big event, fears about health, fears about pain, fears about responsibility and competency.

Many people helped us through the first nine months, some by offering an ear to listen with, others by answering questions and offering guidance. We were lucky to have friends that empathized with us and compassionately listened to our complaints and fears. Shaani's friends Sue and Madeline were always near by to help in any way they could, as was Andrea who was only a phone call away. Steve leaned on his friends Dave and Bobbie along with his Mom and Grandma. Thank You.

We were also fortunate by being on the receiving end of "donations" by Michelle and Debi of their baby stuff: blankets, beds, cribs, swing, playpen, safety hardware... on and on..... Steve's mom also offered a constant stream of new clothes in the months leading up to Hailey's birth, we doubt a week passed that we did not receive a new gift. The generosity of these three made the stress of having to acquire all the needed baby supplies much more bearable. Gracias.

Bringing Hailey home the first day was a very nervous time. Shaani's mom was a very needed addition to our home and we were fortunate to have her steady hand and experience with us the first 4 days we were home. Additionally she filled the refrigerator, freezer and cupboards with food and cooked for everyone that stopped by. Oh yes, and she bought us baby wipes and a warmer, a monitor, a bassinet, a stroller and car seats, diaper bag and about a dozen things I am forgetting. Plus the rocking chair and the rug.... Many thanks!

In addition to friends and family we relied heavily on the doctors and nurses assigned to us with Kaiser Permanente. We offer only THANKS to all the staff of Kaiser that we had the pleasure to be in contact with. Our experience is that the wait was always short, the employees were always friendly, the nurses were always concerned and the doctors were always professional. We especially would like to thank Gwen, Linda, Kari, Addie and Dr. Moore.

The Kaiser "machine" lead us to Irvine Regional Hospital where our experience was equally enjoyable. Again we encountered only friendly, knowledgeable, concerned and professional staff. Our nurses the first few nights were more important to our experience than they may realize. They patiently answered our dozens of mostly stupid questions with interest as if we asked something new. Upon hindsight we realize how truly wonderful both Heather and Diana were. Thank you!!!

Irvine Regional also led us to Linda and Diana, teachers in the childbirth classes, both kind, warm and accessible. Dr. Cordes also was a welcome sight. Thanks!

This is being written the day after Christmas, 2002. Hailey is a month old today. This month has been a blur, sleeping in two hour increments, doing laundry, changing diapers, washing bottles, comforting Hailey, working, cleaning.... Time has passed by. We have been overwhelmed with the generosity of our friends and family and have received many more gifts than we ever imagined. We have been especially surprised with gifts from Mary, Aunt Sandy, Sonya, Mike and Joyce, Jeff and Sunny, and Tom and Diane.

The list is long of people that honored us with gifts.

Thank you to all,

  • Mary T.
  • IWC - Debbi, Eileen, Sandy, Connie, Sally, J.P.
  • Michelle and Harley
  • Joy and Karin
  • Sue, Bryan and Candace
  • Jim, Jimmy, Shaantai
  • Van (Shaani's dad)
  • Andrea
  • Debi and Stephen
  • Grandma Evie
  • Aunt Sandy and Jim
  • Grandma Gates
  • Trudy and Irwin
  • Linda and Mike
  • Broadys
  • Z-Tronix - Roy, Bud, Yvette, Argie, Gabriel
  • Bev and Bill
  • Debbie and Steve
  • Aunt Gracia
  • Sonya
  • Koenigs
  • Gross'
  • Hilda and Charlie
  • Judco - Buttners, Georges, Joan, Ruth, Yole, Nilsa, Gloria, Connie, Kevin
  • NAPM - Jill, Chuck, Scott
  • Bobbie A.
  • Midliks
  • Dolly
  • Jacksons
  • Grippies
  • Uncle Bud and Aunt Gale
  • Grandma Leary
  • Laura and Paul
  • Joni and Tal
  • Kathy and Pat
  • Lisa S.
  • Terri and Randy
  • Jim and Mimi
  • Francis, Jo, Lila
  • Chris A.
  • Mike Ramirez

Wow !!!!! Thank you to all.

p.s. If we forgot you - SORRY! - Please let us know so we can make the correction.




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